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鈥淚鈥檓 glad to perceive that this hurried departure is not an elopement.鈥? � "I have a plan," said the Chief, "which you will be perfectly justified in adopting under the circumstances. Let us drive down on the ice to-morrow, and halt on the other side of the border line between the two provinces, and have our Scottish friend perform the ceremony in Upper Canada, which he is entitled to do by law." At last, one dreary afternoon, Madame Robineau opened an attack in force. 鈥淩oughly about five hundred kilometres鈥攗nder three hundred miles. Take your time. You have sixty pounds鈥?worth of sunny hours before you鈥攁nd there is much to be learned in three hundred miles of France. In a few weeks鈥?time I will join you at Brant?me鈥攋ourneying by train as befits my soberer age鈥擨 go there a certain number of times a year to see F茅lise. Then, if you will continue to favour me with your patronage, we shall have another consultation.鈥? 鈥淚 hope you鈥檙e not thinking of it,鈥?said Martin. av激情网-欢迎您!! LIGHT AT EVENTIDE. 鈥淭here will be no difficulty in answering them,鈥?replied Martin. CHAPTER VIII. "We have two trunks," said the Chief, after a mutual exchange of greetings. "You had better make them secure to the rack with ropes, for we could ill afford to lose the small one." An offensive and defensive alliance therefore was struck up between this pair (who were in reality singularly ill assorted), and Ernest set to work to master the books on which the Bishop would examine him. Others gradually joined them till they formed a small set or church (for these are the same things), and the effect of Mr. Hawke鈥檚 sermon, instead of wearing off in a few days, as might have been expected, became more and more marked, so much so that it was necessary for Ernest鈥檚 friends to hold him back rather than urge him on, for he seemed likely to develop 鈥?as indeed he did for a time 鈥?into a religious enthusiast.