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鈥淚 fail to see it,鈥?said Corinna. 鈥淲e鈥檒l just have the same old worry over again.鈥? Maggie鈥檚 voice was getting choked as she uttered these last words. Maybe it was an accident, but that strategy wouldn't have worked at all if we hadn't come up with amethod for implementing it. That method was to saturate a market area by spreading out, then filling in. Inthe early growth years of discounting, a lot of national companies with distribution systems already inplaceKmart, for examplewere growing by sticking stores all over the country. Obviously, we couldn'tsupport anything like that. � This was too much even for Ernest. 鈥淚 heard of an Irishwoman once,鈥?he said, with a smile, 鈥渨ho said she was a martyr to the drink.鈥? I guess what's annoying to executivesto anybody who tries to spend their time managing a company asbig as thisis these money managers who're always churning their investors' accounts. You know, thestock will get to $40 or $42, and they'll rush in there and say, "Hey, let's sell this thing because it's justtoo high. It's an overvalued stock." Well, to my mind, that doesn't make much sense. As long as we'remanaging our company well, as long as we take care of our people and our customers, keep our eye onthose fundamentals, we are going to be successful. Of course, it takes an observing, discerning person tojudge those fundamentals for himself. If I were a stockholder of Wal-Mart, or considering becoming one,I'd go into ten Wal-Mart stores and ask the folks working there, "How do you feel How's the companytreating you" Their answers would tell me much of what I need to know. av天堂_成人av_亚洲在线av极品无码_2017一本道av手机在线, � 鈥淟ike this,鈥?said he, 鈥測ou will be cool and also enjoy the view.鈥? All I know is that nothing ever makes me feel better than when I visit a store and some department headcomes up to me with pride and shows me all her numbers and tells me she's number five in the companybut she plans to be number one next year. I love meeting all these merchants we've got on our team outthere. When they show me an endcap display they've got loaded up with charcoal or baby oil or lunchboxes and then tell me they chose that item because of its high profit margin, and then go on to bragabout all the volume they've done with that item, I get so proud for them I can hardly stand it. I reallymean that. It is just the proudest I get. Because if we, as managers, truly dedicate ourselves to instillingthat thrill of merchandisingthe thrill of buying and selling something at a profitinto every single one of ourassociate-partners, nothing can ever stop us. Again she had a scene of remonstrance with Tom, all the more severe in proportion to the greater strength of her present position. But Tom, like other immovable things, seemed only the more rigidly fixed under that attempt to shake him. Poor Tom! he judged by what he had been able to see; and the judgment was painful enough to himself. He thought he had the demonstration of facts observed through years by his own eyes, which gave no warning of their imperfection, that Maggie鈥檚 nature was utterly untrustworthy, and too strongly marked with evil tendencies to be safely treated with leniency. He would act on that demonstration at any cost; but the thought of it made his days bitter to him. Tom, like every one of us, was imprisoned within the limits of his own nature, and his education had simply glided over him, leaving a slight deposit of polish; if you are inclined to be severe on his severity, remember that the responsibility of tolerance lies with those who have the wider vision. There had arisen in Tom a repulsion toward Maggie that derived its very intensity from their early childish love in the time when they had clasped tiny fingers together, and their later sense of nearness in a common duty and a common sorrow; the sight of her, as he had told her, was hateful to him. In this branch of the Dodson family aunt Glegg found a stronger nature than her own; a nature in which family feeling had lost the character of clanship by taking on a doubly deep dye of personal pride. "What we helped him with in the early days was really logistics. It's like in the Army. You can movetroops all over the world, but unless you have the capacity to supply them with ammunition and food,there's no sense putting them out there. Sam understood that. He knew that he was already in what thetrade calls an 'absentee ownership' situation. That just means you're putting your stores out where you, asmanagement, aren't. If he wanted to grow he had to learn to control it. So to service these stores you'vegot to have timely information: How much merchandise is in the store What is it What's selling andwhat's not What is to be ordered, marked down, replaced To get more technical, that helps youcontrol what we call turn, or inventory turnoverthe ratio of sales to inventory. That's a key. The moreyou turn your inventory, the less capital is required. And all this involves getting the merchandise to thestore at the right time, communicating how it's being priced and how it's being marked down, whatever.